Career Stats

Statistics prior to the 1997-1998 season are not available as most of the old score sheets have been lost. For those who played at KVHS between 1975 & 1997, we will attempt to estimate their scoring totals using old newspaper clippings whenever possible. If you feel someone should be added to the list above please let me know and we’ll try to estimate their totals.

Note: Player Efficiency calaculation now uses NBA forumla of (PTS + REB + AST + STL + BLK − Missed FG − Missed FT – TO) / GP

1000 Point Club
Creaghan, Adam200742359
Graham, Josh200632091
Spurrell, Adam201142069
Gagnon, Simon201031600
Flynn-Breen, Colin200621483
Stratton, Drew200331442
Nissen, Erik201321433
Hachey, Scott200331410
Spurrell, Chris201631286
Loughery, Alex201631227
Kent, J.D.201121176
Corless, Bryce201721143
Vaughan, Paul198121141
Connolly, Mike200131109
Loughery, Colin201931103
Vaughan, Ryan200921082
Kingston, Brent200821048
Tilley, Jack201621047
Wetmore, Steve200431010
Sanford, Brad201421005
Career Scoring Average (Top 20)
Nissen, Erik20137419.36
Flynn-Breen, Colin20068517.45
Graham, Josh200612117.28
Trites, Gavin20213317.09
Vaughan, Paul19816717.03
Johnson, Jared20163616.17
Corless, Bryce20177116.10
Scott, Ryan20195915.08
Kent, J.D.20117815.08
Foster, Ryan20123514.83
Vaughan, Ryan20097414.62
Creaghan, Adam200716314.47
Gagnon, Simon201011114.41
Tilley, Jack20167314.34
Spurrell, Chris20169213.98
Sanford, Brad20147313.77
Spurrell, Adam201115213.61
Munro, Andrew19997413.16
Kingston, Brent20088013.10
Stratton, Drew200311412.65
Player Efficiency Rating (Top 20)
Nissen, Erik20137427.08
Loughery, Colin20199018.70
Sanford, Brad20147317.25
Johnson, Jared20163616.44
Corless, Bryce20177116.23
Spurrell, Chris20169215.98
Crowley, Ian20157315.52
Tilley, Jack20167314.66
Loughery, Alex201610914.48
Scott, Ryan20195913.03
Trites, Gavin20213312.94
Graham, Mark20136912.09
Pollard, Ryan20216311.37
O'Neil, Ethan20158411.01
d'Entremont, Nathan2013759.45
Tait, Ben2016748.70
Kolyvas, Costa2013418.68
Miller, Cameron2018598.53
MacDougall, Dallen2020897.82
Hyslop, Noah2021256.80
Career Assists (Top 20)
Spurrell, Chris20163332
Tilley, Jack20162330
Loughery, Colin20193217
Miller, Keegan20213203
Pollard, Ryan20212195
Scott, Ryan20192169
MacDougall, Dallen20203152
Sanford, Brad20142151
Loughery, Alex20163150
Graham, Mark20132146
Tait, Ben20162140
O'Neil, Ethan20153132
Nam, Matt20183120
Kolyvas, Costa20131108
Loiselle, Caleb2016292
Crowley, Ian2015292
Miller, Bryce2018288
Nissen, Erik2013288
Corless, Bryce2017285
Miller, Cameron2018284
Career Assists/Game (Top 20)
Tilley, Jack2016734.52
Graham, Mark2013694.29
Spurrell, Chris2016923.61
Pollard, Ryan2021633.10
Scott, Ryan2019592.86
Kolyvas, Costa2013412.63
Loughery, Colin2019902.41
Nissen, Erik2013742.26
Miller, Keegan2021902.26
Connolly, Tylor201472.14
Johnson, Jared2016362.11
Sanford, Brad2014732.07
d'Entremont, Nathan2013752.00
Trites, Gavin2021331.97
Tait, Ben2016741.89
MacDougall, Dallen2020891.71
McKee, Liam2023321.59
O'Neil, Ethan2015841.57
Miller, Bryce2018591.49
Nam, Matt2018831.45
Career Rebounds (Top 20)
Loughery, Colin201931075
Loughery, Alex20163779
Crowley, Ian20152569
Sanford, Brad20142526
O'Neil, Ethan20153520
Corless, Bryce20172449
Nissen, Erik20132401
Spurrell, Chris20163388
MacDougall, Dallen20203347
Scott, Ryan20192319
Kepenek, Okyay20192319
Pollard, Ryan20212294
Miller, Keegan20213264
Johnson, Jared20161263
Nam, Matt20183239
Ozkaynak, Noah20202226
Ramsay, Seth20152215
Tilley, Jack20162205
Loiselle, Caleb20162202
Kolyvas, Costa20131174
Career Rebounds/Game (Top 20)
Loughery, Colin20199011.94
Nissen, Erik20137410.28
Crowley, Ian2015737.79
Johnson, Jared2016367.31
Sanford, Brad2014737.21
Loughery, Alex20161097.15
Kepenek, Okyay2019506.38
Corless, Bryce2017716.32
O'Neil, Ethan2015846.19
Heron, Andrew2018275.78
Scott, Ryan2019595.41
Hyslop, Noah2021255.12
Trites, Gavin2021335.09
Pollard, Ryan2021634.67
Kolyvas, Costa2013414.24
Spurrell, Chris2016924.22
d'Entremont, Nathan2013754.20
MacDougall, Dallen2020893.90
Ozkaynak, Noah2020583.90
Graham, Mark2013693.76
Steals (Top 20)
Spurrell, Chris20163241
Corless, Bryce20172172
Loughery, Alex20163158
Tilley, Jack20162153
Pollard, Ryan20212151
Sanford, Brad20142144
Nam, Matt20183140
Loughery, Colin20193135
MacDougall, Dallen20203125
Tait, Ben20162123
Scott, Ryan20192114
Miller, Cameron20182112
O'Neil, Ethan20153107
Kolyvas, Costa20131103
Miller, Keegan2021398
Trites, Gavin2021187
Graham, Mark2013283
Miller, Bryce2018279
Nissen, Erik2013279
Richard, Ben2014276
Steals/Game (Top 20)
Trites, Gavin202112.64
Spurrell, Chris201632.62
Kolyvas, Costa201312.51
Graham, Mark201322.44
Corless, Bryce201722.42
Pollard, Ryan202122.40
Tilley, Jack201622.10
Nissen, Erik201322.03
Sanford, Brad201421.97
Scott, Ryan201921.93
Miller, Cameron201821.90
Connolly, Tylor201411.86
Nam, Matt201831.69
Tait, Ben201621.66
d'Entremont, Nathan201321.50
Loughery, Colin201931.50
Loughery, Alex201631.45
MacDougall, Dallen202031.40
Miller, Bryce201821.34
O'Neil, Ethan201531.27
Hack Pack
Loughery, Alex20163242
Crowley, Ian20152181
Loughery, Colin20193170
O'Neil, Ethan20153160
Corless, Bryce20172156
MacDougall, Dallen20203138
Scott, Ryan20192128
Miller, Keegan20213118
Sanford, Brad20142117
Tait, Ben20162116
Ozkaynak, Noah20202110
Nam, Matt20183108
Tilley, Jack20162108
Spurrell, Chris20163107
Nissen, Erik20132107
Ramsay, Seth20152104
Pollard, Ryan2021296
Richard, Ben2014282
Barr, Alex2017280
Loiselle, Caleb2016279
Career Block Shots
Nissen, Erik20132121
Crowley, Ian20152121
Corless, Bryce2017288
Sanford, Brad2014261
Spurrell, Chris2016357
MacDougall, Dallen2020346
Loughery, Alex2016345
O'Neil, Ethan2015340
Loughery, Colin2019331
Pollard, Ryan2021228
Career Blocks/Game (Top 20)
Nissen, Erik2013743.10
Crowley, Ian2015731.66
Corless, Bryce2017711.24
Sanford, Brad2014730.84
Johnson, Jared2016360.75
Spurrell, Chris2016920.62
MacDougall, Dallen2020890.52
Campbell, Josh2015240.50
O'Neil, Ethan2015840.48
Pollard, Ryan2021630.44
Games Played (Top 20)
Creaghan, Adam20074163
Spurrell, Adam20114152
MacLeod, Matt20044150
Kingston, Ryan20073127
Barefoot, Jamie20063121
Graham, Josh20063121
Belyea, Adam20053118
Stratton, Drew20033114
Hachey, Scott20033114
Wetmore, Steve20043114
Connolly, Mike20013113
Gagnon, Simon20103111
Loughery, Alex20163109
Spurrell, Chris2016392
Loughery, Colin2019390
Miller, Keegan2021390
MacDougall, Dallen2020389
Flynn-Breen, Colin2006285
Steeves, Nick2006285
Hogan, Sean2006285