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Today was our first full day here in Edmonton. The day was all about getting the players adjusted to the new time zone and settled into our daily routine.

The number one thing we have asked the boys to focus on leading up to Friday’s game is to properly manage their bodies. Given the warm weather, even warmer dorm rooms and less than ideal meal choices, this has been an extremely challenging task, Luckily there are several quality alternatives nearby where the boys can buy meals plus there is a grocery store only a few blocks away.

Today we had our first film session. Now that we are here at Nationals the focus of these sessions switches from reviewing ourselves to breaking down what the opponent does. All players are required to take notes during these session which they can review as part of their pregame prep.Finding film on the first opponent at Nationals is always a challenge but we managed to find a few clips.

20140724_133334We also had our first on court practice this afternoon. This was the first time the players have had any significant exercise since we arrived. It was good to get back on the court and to get lots of game-type shots up.

Given our busy schedule on Friday this might be the only time we get on the court before our first game so it was important to make the most of this time. It was only a short 45 minute session but the boys looked sharp.

The day wrapped up with a coaches meeting to review tournament rules and procedure while the players attended a NCAA Education session.

Overall it was a good day for our team. All the travel and time zone adjustments are behind us. We’re now in full competition mode.

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