2018-2019 Varsity Boys


4Dallen MacDougall6'2" Forward
5Ryan Pollard Guard
6Micah Wilson Guard
7Ethan McKee Guard
8Brady Soucy Guard
9Ethan Walker6'5" Forward
10Colin Loughery6'2" Forward
12Ryan Scott Guard
13Keegan Miller5'9" Guard
14Jonah Peterson Forward
15Okyay Kepenek6'4" Forward
21Noah Ozkaynak Forward

Season Overview

Most seasons a roster with only three seniors would indicate a team is in rebuild mode. That is not the case for KVHS Crusader this year however. Despite having a young team, the Crusaders should be a much improved team and will be in the hunt for a high playoff seed coming out of the Southern Conference.

Led by last season’s MVP, Colin Loughery (6’3″ Senior), the Crusaders will have a front line that can provide the defensive rebounding and rim protection found on championship calibre teams. This season Colin will be looking to join a very exclusive group of players at KVHS that have scored 1000 points and grabbed 500 rebounds for their career.

Joining Colin in the frontcourt is a pair of athletic, defensively-versatile power forwards Okyay Kepenek (6’5 Senior) and Jonah Peterson (6’4″ Sophomore) who can run the floor. In the middle are a couple of young centers Ethan Walker (6’5″ Junior) and Noah Ozkaynak (6’5″ Junior) who will provide low-post scoring and offensive rebounding as the season progresses.

This season also sees the return of Ryan Scott (6’3″ Senior) who spent last season in British Columbia focusing on baseball. With Ryan back in Blue and White, the Crusaders add another athletic wing player who will be a match-up problem for many teams. In the back-court with Ryan will be Dallen MacDougall (6’2″ Junior) who spent the offseason developing a solid offensive game. Dallen will be out to prove to everyone he’s much more than just a defensive specialist. 

Also returning this season is Keegan Miller (5’9″ Sophomore) who was “Mr. Everything” coming off the bench last season. He played point guard, shooting guard, and on many nights guarded post players six inches taller. 

Rounding out the roster are point guards Ryan Pollard (5’11” Sophomore) and Micah Wilson (5’8″ Junior), athletic wing Ethan McKee (6’2″ Junior), and perhaps the team’s best shooter, Brady Soucy (5’11” Sophomore). 

KVHS Crusaders 2018-2019 Schedule

2018-11-091:00 pmJMH TommiesMiramichi Valley HighL, 81-750-1Box Score |
2018-11-098:00 pmCarleton North StarsMiramcihi Valley HighL, 65-590-2Box Score | Watch
2018-11-1010:00 amMiramichi ValleyMiramichi Valley HighL, 75-520-3Box Score | Watch
2018-11-146:00 pmRothesay Red HawksKennebecasis Valley HighL, 60-460-4Box Score | Watch
2018-11-231:00 pmRNS River HawksRothesay NetherwoodL, 146-530-5Box Score | Watch
2018-11-235:30 pmFHS Black KatsRothesay NetherwoodL, 102-540-6Box Score | Watch
2018-11-251:00 pmLeo Hayes LionsRothesay NetherwoodL, 88-490-7Box Score | Watch
2018-11-297:15 pmHarbour View VikingsKennebecasis Valley HighL, 94-790-8Box Score | Watch
2018-11-3012:00 pmThree OaksHolland CollegeL, 93-590-9Box Score | Watch
2018-11-304:00 pmLockviewColonel Gray High SchoolW, 86-501-9Box Score | Watch
2018-12-018:00 amHorton High GriffonsQueen Charlotte MiddleL, 83-521-10Box Score |
2018-12-047:15 pmRothesay Red HawksRothesay High SchoolL, 68-521-11Box Score |
2018-12-067:15 pmSt. Malachy'sKennebecasis Valley HighW, 99-562-11Box Score | Watch
2018-12-117:15 pmSaint John HighSaint John High SchoolW, 85-743-11Box Score | Watch
2018-12-137:15 amSussex SonicsKennebecasis Valley HighW, 87-484-11Box Score | Watch
2018-12-141:30 pmFHS Black KatsBliss Carman MiddleL, 97-584-12Box Score | Watch
2018-12-1510:00 amRiverview RoyalsBliss Carman MiddleW, 70-595-12Box Score | Watch
2018-12-156:00 pmRNS River HawksBliss CarmanL, 123-465-13Box Score | Watch
2018-12-1611:00 amFHS Black KatsFredericton High SchoolL, 74-645-14Box Score | Watch
2018-12-207:15 pmSt. Malachy'sSt. Malachy's High SchoolW, 92-466-14Box Score | Watch
2018-12-227:15 pmSimonds SeabeesSimonds High SchoolL, 75-666-15Box Score | Watch
2019-01-035:30 pmRothesay Red HawksSaint John High SchoolL, 80-596-16Box Score | Watch
2019-01-0410:30 amFHS Black KatsSaint John High SchoolL, 79-686-17Box Score | Watch
2019-01-054:00 pmSaint John HighUNBSJW, 100-547-17Box Score | Watch
2019-01-087:15 pmSaint John HighKennebecasis Valley HighW, 85-508-17Box Score | Watch
2019-01-108:00 pmMoncton Purple KnightsKennebecasis Valley HighW, 78-589-17Box Score | Watch
2019-01-111:30 pmHorton High GriffonsKennebecasis Valley HighL, 85-779-18Box Score | Watch
2019-01-1211:00 amRNS River HawksKennebecasis Valley HighL, 95-659-19Box Score | Watch
2019-01-147:15 pmSussex SonicsSussex Regional High SchoW, 110-6910-19Box Score | Watch
2019-01-177:15 pmHarbour View VikingsHarbour View High SchoolW, 78-6411-19Box Score |
2019-01-297:15 pmSimonds SeabeesKennebecasis Valley HighL, 74-6711-20Box Score |
2019-01-317:15 pmRothesay Red HawksKennebecasis Valley HighW, 87-7512-20Box Score | Watch

Team Stats