I found out recently that I played on Canada’s Jr. National team in my younger days. Okay, I know I don’t look like an athlete these days but stop laughing, it could be true. Right? Unfortunately, no not true. My colleagues at BNB were kind enough to honor me with an Executive award at the annual service awards banquet, but they had a few facts wrong.

For those interested (and there are so many I’m sure) I played on New Brunswick’s Junior Team for two seasons but not Canada’s. Hopefully someday I will have the privilege of watching one of my former players represent this country but for now I will settle for being a member of the world famous Mayans.

Thank you BNB for this wonderful award and thank you (whoever you are) to the people that nominated me. I have truely enjoyed every minute and look forward to many more years of being involved in this great sport.


Congratulations to Don McNeil, Art Gremley, Steve Chapman, Terry Hatt, Lori Wall and Neil Smith. What a great group.

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