The KVBA recently held its annual general meeting. As has been the trend the last couple of seasons, the turnout by the membership was very low. On one hand this is a good sign that people are pleased with the current programs offered by the KVBA, but on the other hand, could mean the KVBA is starting to become a little stagnant. Since I’m an optimist I like to believe we’ve been doing a good job and everyone is happy!

The out going member of the board of directors not re-offering for another term are Lorne Webster, Bruce Nicholson, Jeff MacLeod and Lisa Zwicker. All four have been involved in the KVBA for many years and their contribution to the association goes well beyond the board. All have coached house league, assisted in the organization of special events like the annual KVBA mini tournament or year-end closings, and all have been active in developing players and/or officials. A big thank you goes out to all four.

Returning members re-elected for another two year term are George Flanagan and Barry Van Steeg. The KVBA also brought on three new members; Mike Tilley, Sandra O’Neil and Jeff MacDonald. All three have been held volunteer position in the KVBA over the last few seasons and now bring their knowledge and leadership to the 2007-2008 KVBA Board of Directors.

For a complete list of the new KVBA Board click here.

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