A few days ago Peter Vincent and I decided we would attempt to start a weekly “Power Rankings” of school teams in the province. The concept was quit simple; ask coaches to submit their rankings of teams each week then publish the compiled list. No gender or age categories. No size classifications. Each coach uses their own selection criteria. Just a top 15 with all NBIAA teams eligible for consideration.

Since then the NBIAA has suggested our rankings “…may go against the philosophy of School Sport”. I’m not sure if the act of posting the results of the poll is against the philosophy or if it the act of coaches submitting a vote is, but regardless I don’t think we are inventing anything new here. Every time I run into other coaches, either around the water cooler at work, at the store, or in the gym, the topic of favorite teams and who can beat who always comes up.

So I guess we will distance ourselves from the NBIAA, or at least stop using the NBIAA Coaches association’s email services to contact NBIAA coaches. We were only hoping to have a little fun and hopefully generate a little more interest in high school basketball.

If you are interested in participating in the weekly poll, or want to be on our distribution list, please send us an email at vaughanp@nbnet.nb.ca (Paul Vaughan) or vincentp@nbnet.nb.ca (Peter Vincent).

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