I’m back from Toronto. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to post while away as we had a very busy itinerary. If we weren’t in meetings or on-court for coaching clinics, Jon and I were our room discussing the day’s topics or planning for the upcoming CP Atlantic centralized training camp.

As I’ve mention before, I love attending sessions where coaches get together to share ideas. It’s especially fun when we are at the dinner table and the salt and pepper shakers turn into offensive and defensive players as coaches start sharing their favorite drills. This weekend was no different plus we went to a restaurant that uses strips of brown paper instead of table clothes. It wasn’t long before coaches were grabbing the crayons normally reserved for the younger guests, turning the tables into replacement clipboards.

Now I face the challenge of taking all this new found knowledge and incorporating it into our upcoming CP sessions and passing it along to the rest of the coaching staff. One thing for sure, the kids are in for a few new drills and concepts. And for those you will be watching my practices be on he outlook for some of my new sayings…“create a 1 second advantage”…“guarding one and a half”…“is that a T, L, or C drill?”.

Another great thing about the weekend was running into two transplanted New Brunswickers. Tyler Slipp, former UNB assistant coach and CP Atlantic assistance coach, is now the lady’s head coach at Waterloo and running the women’s CP in that area of Ontario. Bob Murray, originally from Moncton and former AD for ABU (now Crandall University) is now the men’s head coach at Olds College, coached the 2009 Alberta U15 men’s team and is the men’s head coach for Alberta’s Center for Performance.

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