As a wrap up to the summer training season I decided to run a short (2 week) summer league for local club teams. Not surprisingly the interest from the players on my club team and from the other area basketball clubs was pretty high. We ended up with with over 40 players representing three local clubs; Blue Storm (KVHS), Red Storm (Rothesay) and Fog Hounds (Saint John).

The league concluded this past Wednesday night with the Blue Storm #1 defeating the Red Storm 50-28. Below are pictures of the five teams.

The interesting aspect of this league was there were no referees and no coaches. Just players competing hard (well…most of the time). To make the league a little more fun (and different) we modified the rules a little. League rules were:

Playing Rules

  • FIBA rules unless otherwise stated
  • All games will end at 10 minutes to the hour regardless of start time
  • No referees (Call Your Own). Players who abuse this rule will be asked to leave
  • Standard pick-up rules apply
  • On all violations ball will be taken out of bound
  • Offenses checks ball with their defender for all front court inbound plays
  • No check for back court inbound plays
  • Sub on any dead ball
  • Defense calls fouls
  • 4-on-4 full court
  • Two 20-minute running time halves
  • 1 timeout per team per half
  • Last 2 min stop time if lead is 10 pts or less

Scoring Rules

  • 1 pt for FG’s in the key
  • 2 pts for FG’s made form outside key but inside 3 pt line
  • 5 pts for a dunk
  • Fouled while shooting and shot is made – automatic And-1 – no shots
  • Fouled while shooting but missed – 1 for 2 pts (or 3 pts if taking 3ptr)
  • Any foul shot can be taken from 3 pt line for a extra bonus point
  • 15 second shot clock (maybe less)

Overall feedback was good. Hopefully next year we can do it again and perhaps expand to accommodate more clubs.

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