We’re now two weeks into our summer season with the BNB U15 boy’s team and things seem to be progressing as planned with one exception. One of our power forwards, Jake Livingston, came down awkwardly after dunking the ball during a transition drill suffering a broken left wrist and right elbow. The good news is Jake will only miss about three weeks so he’ll have a chance to compete in two exhibition tournaments prior to heading to Winnipeg for the National Championships.

So far the team has had eight practices and has played two exhibition games against a team comprised of current KVHS players and recent alumni. The most difficult part of these games hasn’t been the X’s and O’s, rather its been very difficult getting playing time for everyone. We have a fairly balanced group of players with little drop off from the top to the bottom.

Since we’re treating each of these games as practice sessions we have made a effort to play different line combinations and have mixed up who starts and who comes off the bench. We’ll probably continue to do this throughout all our exhibition tournaments leading up to BNB Summerfest. That should give us a plenty of time to figure out roles for each player.

For those interested you can get more information in the team, including roster info and players stats, on our team web site.

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