One of the most frustrating things of being a basketball fan living in Canada, especially here in southern New Brunswick, is the lack of coverage the sport receives from the Canadian media. For example, this past Labour Day weekend, the Carleton Raven played an exhibition game against defending NCAA Champions Kansas Jayhawks. From what I can tell, highlights of the game were shown on TSN and most newspapers in Ontario had a print article, but the only option to watch the game was to attend the game in person. No tape delayed broadcasts and no Internet feeds. I also struck out trying to find a Canadian site that had game stats. The Ravens web site…no. The CIS web site….no. Canadian blogs such as CIS Hoops or Posting Up with Chad Lucas…no sir.

All I really wanted was to see now many minutes Elliott Thompson played and what his stat line was. Turns out the complete play-by-play coverage of the game is available on the Jayhawks web site (go figure) so I got what I was looking for but frustrating regardless. The travelling team was not only able to record comprehensive stats for the game, post them within minutes of the game being completed, but they also has their own play-by-play radio team there broadcasting the game live for Kansas fans.

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