Not that it was a great accomplishment, but I found something even harder to find than media coverage of Canadian basketball events. I cant’ find any information on 2008-2008 rosters for AUS teams this season. HoopLife has a list of recruits for the upcoming CIS season but its dated July 4, 2008.

The team web sites I visited are all showing last year’s rosters, which is a start, but that doesn’t tell what under class men are planning on returning, which seniors plan to play a 5th year, or what recruits actually showed up.

My understanding is UNB  held open tryouts the first week of classes and the roster was to be announced (to the players at least) on Monday September 8. Likewise for Memorial. I haven’t heard if the other schools are doing holding open tryouts or not.

During the summer I heard that new UNB coach Brent Baker feels only three returning players are guaranteed a spot on this year’s roster and that the remaining spots were open. Not sure what that means for second year guard Adam Creaghan (KVHS ’07) but I suspect Mike Anderson (HVHS ’05) is one of those three. The good news, however, it sounds like Brent Kingston (KVHS ’08) has a great chance to compete for a spot.

The only other area player that will be suiting up at the CIS this season will be Simon Marr (St. Macs ’08) who is headed to Saint Mary’s. Unfortunately, Simon’s former teamamte, Andrew Spurrell (St. Macs ’07) has choosen to not to return this season.

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