This is part of a series of articles on our graduating seniors in the class of 2020.
Dallen MacDougall and Noah Ozkaynak are the other two members of this class.

If there is an award for loving the game of basketball, it should be named “The Micah”. Micah loves basketball. That is obvious once you spend any time with him. It was obvious to the coaches at KVHS five minutes after he walked into our summer open gym sessions four years ago.

In those early days, Micah seemed to show up in a new pair of sneakers every night. And fresh gear to match. Back then he played point guard mostly, looking to set up others instead of himself. He was the smallest guy in the gym but that didn’t bother him. He attacked whoever guarded him and regardless of the outcome, came back just as hard the next possession.

In the spring of 2018 following the JV basketball season, Micah, as usual, was in the gym at KVHS working with the Blue Storm. Players were working on some basic offensive concepts to improve movement and spacing. Like most young guys, Micah was trying to be a good teammate, looking to get the best shot possible for his teammates. The problem was that he was passing up good looks for himself. Finally, a coach pulls him aside to explain that he needs to shoot more and how much it hurts his team if he doesn’t shoot when open.

Well, that must have been the green light Micah was looking for. Over the next few sessions, Micah was knocking down shots from everywhere. It didn’t take long after that for the upperclassmen to realize that Micah was someone they needed on their team when it came time to pick sides for scrimmages.

In addition to becoming a very good “Three & D” wing player during his time in the Crusader’s blue and white, Micah has been the model teammate. If he is on the bench he’ll be leading the cheering, supporting those on the floor. If he’s on the floor, he’s on point with the game plan and completely locked in giving 100% on defense. And of course, sticking jumpers when teams dare to leave him open.

Micah’s contributions to Crusaders’ basketball extends beyond the court as well. Prior to tryouts in the fall of 2017 Micah approached his friend to encourage him to attend tryouts with him. This wasn’t just any friend, this was future Crusaders big man Noah Ozkaynak. Noah had never played organized basketball, but Micah didn’t care. He knew anyone that big, strong and athletic had a chance to make a team.

Micah pushes you as a coach. He’s always asking what he needs to improve on. His drive, passion and work ethic set a standard for everyone in our program to follow.

Paul Vaughan, Head Coach KVHS Varsity Boys Basketball

Micah’s high school basketball career might be over but like any successful entrepreneur, Micah is already on to the next chapter. As “General Manager” for the Saint John Sharks U18 team, Micah has already started organizing practice times and has registered the team for BNB’s for age class provincials coming up in March. It’s safe to say that just the beginning, because if there is a tournament happening you’re sure to see Micah and his Sharks team there, or perhaps just him and a couple of friends asking “who’s got next” at some blacktop court.

The Crusaders basketball alumni welcome this true basketball fanatic to the family tree. Everyone is looking forward to Micah’s many appearances at our annual alumni game. We’re pretty sure he will show up wearing something from his very own Dunkzilla collection.